Jerk Diner & Rum Bar, 320 Crown Street Surry Hills

Drinks on the Daily

Holla for Happy Hour EVERYDAY from 5PM- 7PM!

♥ $5 Red Stripes & Wines (5PM-7PM)

♥ $10 Rude Boy Rum Punch
♥ $30 Thug Jugs
♥ $15 Cool Rummings
♥ $12 Frozen Margaritas
♥ $12 Frozen Dark N’ Stormy’s.

On top of that, we’re shaking up all sorts of Tropical drinks.
If you’re after some Rum Tings, we’re stocking over 100 Rums from all over the world, making sure that there is something for everyone. We pride ourselves in our Rum collection, and if you’re not sure which one you’d like, our staff can help you find the perfect sip.

Rinsing the tropical vibes 7 Days at Rosie Campbell’s- 320 Crown Street, Surry Hills- Jerk Diner & Rum Bar
Open from 5pm-12am Monday-Thursday & 12pm-12am Friday-Sunday!
02 9356 4635