Sunshine Sunday Sound System - Rosie Campbell's
Jerk Diner & Rum Bar, 320 Crown Street Surry Hills

Sunshine Sunday Sound System

You know we’re all about Sunday Sessions & we’re thrilled that our next SUNSHINE SUNDAY SOUND SYSTEM is just around the corner! This time round we have the Kool Vibration’s joining us for an afternoon of weekend bliss.

On Sunday, November 5th, we have a tropical session ahead! The the crew will be performing LIVE REGGAE & hitting that sweet spot of Tropical Fever.

Our monthly parties bring you live reggae bands, special guests, and local favorites.

We’ll be shakin’ up Jugs of Kinky Reggae Rum Punch & Caribbean Inspired cocktails! Jerk Eats will be available from 12pm-12am.

We’ve stocked up with over 100 bottles of Rum from all over the world, it’s time to take a dip.

♥ LIVE Reggae
 $30 Kinky Reggae Rum Punch Jugs
♥ $15 Cool Rummings cocktails
♥ $4.20 Beers & Wines from 4:20pm-6:20pm
♥ Jerk Eats from 12pm-12am

Rinsing the summer vibes through winter 7 Days at Rosie Campbell’s- 320 Crown Street, Surry Hills- Jerk Diner & Rum Bar