Jerk Diner & Rum Bar, 320 Crown Street Surry Hills

Tuesday Wings n’ Ting’s

Tuesday Wing Ting’s are coming your way every. If you like it, you should put a wing on it, because these babies are $12 for a large bucket from 5pm-Late. Our jerk wings are double cooked with jerk sauce, and home-made seasonings served with a side of house blue cheese sauce. Goes great with our jerk chips to soak up all the sauce that’s not worth leaving behind.
$12 Winter Warmers & $5 Red Stripes& Wines from 5PM-7PM daily.

Rinsing the summer vibes through winter 7 Days at Rosie Campbell’s- 320 Crown Street, Surry Hills- Jerk Diner & Rum Bar
Open from 5pm-12am Monday-Thursday & 12pm-12am Friday-Sunday!